Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who's Coming to the Workshop?

Hey everyone,

So here's the list of who's coming so far (updated March 4th). Within the next two weeks I should be getting more information.

And we're full! We now have all 20 spots taken! Thanks everyone, let's have a great workshop!

Will Be Attending:

Karsten Henckell
Joshua Lee (4dan)
Joel Sanet (3dan)
Yoshio Tanaka (2dan)
Lanny Searcy (2dan)
Micheal Dyer (2dan)
Stephen Barberi (1kyu)
Alex Feldstein (2kyu)
Bjorn Foss (3kyu)
John Sarry (4kyu)
Christopher Sagner (4kyu)
Efrain Davilla (4kyu)
Don Colladay (5kyu)
Barton Lipofsky (5kyu)
Chris Angerman (6kyu)
Phillip Brix (7kyu)
Sky Choi (7kyu)
Paul Wiegand (8kyu)
Robbie Boerth (10kyu)
Bill Minton (10kyu)

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